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FinanceOS | StartOS' Finance and Accounting Module

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Plan your finances with precision.

With FinanceOS, the all-in-one fundraising, accounting and valuation template for Startups.

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Financial discipline is hard to maintain for small teams

But it's crucial to long term success

Fundraising can be a long and hard process

It's even harder without a plan of attack and runway estimate

Startup cannot afford accounting software

Burn management is crucial in the early days.

That's why we built StartOS' FinanceOS.

The most comprehensive startup finance system in Notion

⭐Key Features

⭐Track Income and Expenses

Including Salaries, Subscriptions, Revenue and Fundraising

⭐Plan and execute fundraising

And manage your Investor Cap Table

⭐Estimate Runway and Value

With integrated burn calculator

⭐AI-based financial projections

Use prompts to generate projections 20x faster than excel

⭐Startup Valuation

Built-in Discounted Cashflow Model

⭐Central Quick View Dashboard

Visualize company health at a glance

What our customers are saying

FinanceOS: All Features

✅Funding Module

  • Add funding round information based on source
  • Templates for Grants, Equity Round, Convertible Notes and Debt Round
  • Automatically calculate debt and convertible note conversions using built in formulas as soon as you enter details of the round
  • Automated cap table calculations

✅Accounting and Cashflow Statements

  • Tag incoming funding to source
  • Tag Expenses to Source of Funding to automatically calculate balance
  • Tag revenue using monthly tags, and a sub-property feature for easy sorting
  • Asset and liability calculator
  • Appreciation and depreciation based value computation for your assets for bookkeeping

✅Salary Tracker

✅Subscription Tracker

  • Subscription Templates and Salary Templates to help you estimate burn rate

✅Burn Rate and Runway Estimator

✅Cap Table Module

  • Automatically generate a cap table using funding round information
  • Uses the automated cap table calculation to generate a clean pie table chart using Mermaid!

✅VC Contacts and Firms Integration and Board-View Tracking

(👑Full StartOS/ Requires ConnectOS)

  • ⚙️Tag VCs to round
  • ⚙️Conversation tracking with CRM integration. Tag meeting notes to the meeting easily
  • ⚙️Integrated tracking of your VC contacts and firms and stage of contact using a board

✅Financial Projections

  • Pre-engineered AI prompts to help with financial projection!
  • Project as well as you can in Excel- just 20x faster!

✅Startup Valuations

  • Discounted Cashflow based valuation template

✅Cap Table Module

  • Automatic Cap Table calculation based on the execution of instruments such as SAFEs/ C-Notes, and Equity fundraising

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Who am I?

I am a Notion Certified Creator and former researcher turned entrepreneur from Singapore.
I run a startup full-time and on the side build template to help other startups!

StartOS was born out of the need for a system for my own startup (seamless.sg) and continuously evolves based on features we need. It was beta-tested with my Founder Circle here in Singapore and I am super excited to bring it to you!
Would love your feedback so we can make it even better!

DM me on Twitter or LinkedIn with feedback or queries:

https://twitter.com/notion_ajinkya / https://twitter.com/0xajinkya


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FinanceOS | StartOS' Finance and Accounting Module

21 ratings
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