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ProjectOS | StartOS' Project and Task Management Module

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Bring structure to chaos.

Align your team, manage tasks and tackle big projects with ease. Sprint, with ProjectOS.

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Time Leakage in small teams is high

Teammates have to perform multiple roles

Tasks need to be prioritized

Or they risk blocking project completion

Project management software is complex and costly

Startup teams need a leaner collaborative system

Manage Projects and Sprints

Plan and execute small and large projects in sync

Streamlined Interface with multiple filters

Choose your view style- kanban boards, dependency view, calendars and more

Personal Dashboard for every member

Allow teammates to zoom in on their key targets. Remove obstacles to progress.

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✅Team Projects

  • Create and store projects that you are working on, archive ones that are completed
  • Assign Team Lead(s) and Members
  • Assign Project dependencies

✅Team Tasks

  • Manage all your team tasks and projects using a central dashboard, pulled from the backend Master Database
  • Multiple views: Sort by Priority, Assignee, Due Date, or check task dependency
  • View Tasks by project
  • Central Task Calendar

✅Team Sprints

  • Assign Tasks to sprints to execute them
  • View progress of current sprint
  • Plan future sprints in dedicated views

✅Individual Dashboards for Each Member

  • For larger teams! Avoid the clutter of tasks- a filtered individual dashboard for each member of the team!

I am a Notion Certified Creator, and former researcher turned entrepreneur from Singapore.
I run a startup full-time and on the side, build templates to help other startups!

You can check out all of my templates here:

Ajinkya's Template Gallery

StartOS was born out of the need for a system for my own startup (seamless.sg) and continuously evolves based on the features we need. It was beta-tested with my Founder Circle here in Singapore, and I am super excited to bring it to you!
I would love your feedback so we can make it even better!

DM me on Twitter or LinkedIn with feedback or queries:

Website: https://ajinkyabhat.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/notion_ajinkya

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajinkya-bhat23/

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ProjectOS | StartOS' Project and Task Management Module

9 ratings
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