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StartOS | Plug-and-Play Notion Startup System

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Welcome to the most critically acclaimed Notion Startup Template- EVER!

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Save your team hundreds of hours every month.

For a fraction of your expensive SaaS subscriptions.

StartOS includes everything a startup or SME would need to run efficiently.

Built by Founders, for Founders

StartOS was born out of the need for our startup, Seamless XR to have an efficient system to function.

As founders, we felt the pain you are feeling.

1. SaaS tools were an expensive drain.💸💸💸
Also they were lacking in features to function as one system, which led to:

2. Fragmentation of knowledge and resources across applications. 🧩😕

Docs in OneDrive, financials in Excel, project management in Asana.

You feel the pain, right?

This in turn led to:

3. Time leakage when switching between apps. 😤🤦⌛
And as Founders, we know the value of our time.

We had to fix this.🛠️🔧

In Sept 2022 we switched to Notion and we built the systems we needed, then refined them based on feedback from my founder friends- who ended up being the first customers and beta testers!

This is how StartOS was born.🐣

We got you covered.
From Sales & Marketing, Finance, Content Creation, Team Management, Hiring, Project Management, Sprints, Competitor Research, plus a built-in CRM, Product Roadmaps and Team OKRs, launch guides and so much more.

Plus we just pushed new automations and AI-assisted tools built into Notion for content creation, customer persona and financial projections!

A system built with a year's work of founder-led refinement is now a click away.
This is your cue to ditch your SaaS tools and switch to Notion, with StartOS!

I'm super excited to share the new look StartOS v2 with you, soft launched in Sept 2023!
Check the detailed feature list below.

📧If there is something you need, and StartOS does not have it, reach out to me!

What our customers are saying

What's included?


👑: Full StartOS Integration Feature (not available if you purchase individual modules)

⚙️: Supported Integration (Another StartOS Modules or external Free integration)

Starter Bundle

✅Company Specs

✅Lean Canvas

✅Business Model Canvas

✅Pitch Deck Template

✅Value Proposition Canvas


✅Team Research Database

  • Store and tag information including articles, press releases, blog and more
  • Tag them based on area (market research/ competitor research/ technology etc.)
  • ⚙️Automation enabled database- drop articles directly using Save To Notion.
  • Pull into front end views, or the competitor database!
  • Emerging Technologies Research Filter and View
  • Market Trends Research Filter and View

✅Competitor Database

  • Keep Track of competitor releases
  • ⚙️Store articles, press releases and product pages in Team Second Brain and cross-tag to competitors for easy reference using Save to Notion

✅Competitor Matrix Template

✅Intellectual Property Analysis Template

✅Brand Perception Analysis Template

✅Market Share Tracking

✅SWOT Analysis Template


✅People Database

  • ⚙️Automation-enabled CRM backend. Store information directly from LinkedIn using a scraping tool like Bardeen
  • Tag them based on 8 areas (Investor/ Customer/ Collaborator and more!)
  • Contact tracking using Kanban Board Views- keep tabs on contacts using Kanban views, be it investors, customer or collaborators.
  • Additional investor filters: Tag the investors by priority, area of investment and stage of investment- and strategize your pitches
  • ⚙️Slack integration built into Notion, allows you to get notified when required. Say a teammate contacts a lead and updates ConnectOS, everyone on the team get a notification. Never double-contact people!
  • ⚙️ Integration with other StartOS modules (like integrating potential hires into TeamOS's jobs database- launching soon!) (👑Full StartOS)

✅Companies Database

  • ⚙️Automation-enabled CRM backend. Store information directly from LinkedIn using a scraping tool like Bardeen
  • Tag them based on area (Investor/ Customer/ Collaborator and more)
  • Additional filters for Investors- based on stage of funding, focus industry and round check size.
  • ⚙️Pull into front end views: Investor CRM, Sales and Marketing Database, Customer and Collaborators Boards and more (👑Full StartOS)


✅Team Projects

  • Create and store projects that you are working on, archive ones that are completed
  • Assign Team Lead(s) and Members
  • Assign Project dependencies

✅Team Tasks

  • Manage all your team tasks and projects using a central dashboard, pulled from the backend Master Database
  • Multiple views: Sort by Priority, Assignee, Due Date, or check task dependency
  • View Tasks by project
  • Central Task Calendar

✅Team Sprints

  • Assign Tasks to sprints to execute them
  • View progress of current sprint
  • Plan future sprints in dedicated views

✅Individual Dashboards for Each Member

  • For larger teams! Avoid the clutter of tasks- a filtered individual dashboard for each member of the team!


✅ Team Dashboard

  • Manage your team, tag them with responsibilities, and skills.
  • For larger teams, you can use these skill-sets to create highly functional sub-teams for sprints

✅ Job Board

  • Create job easily using pre-built templates!
  • ⚙️Assign potential hires from the ConnectOS integration!
  • Assign location, type of role. salary, interviewer, and tag interview notes

✅ Onboarding Database

  • Assign pre-built onboarding checklist to your job types
  • Modify these based on your company- and each individual role or role type

✅Team & Meetings Module

  • Track your growing team
  • Track meeting with meeting minutes and in-built templates.
  • Assign leads and participants and trigger notifications for follow-up meeting
  • ⚙️Notion and Slack Notifications enabled

✅Employee Feedback

  • Get timely feedback using an employee feedback form

Create and reinforce your culture, with TeamOS


✅Funding Module

  • Add funding round information based on source
  • Templates for Grants, Equity Round, Convertible Notes and Debt Round
  • Automatically calculate debt and convertible note conversions using built in formulas as soon as you enter details of the round
  • Automated cap table calculations

✅Accounting and Cashflow Statements

  • Tag incoming funding to source
  • Tag Expenses to Source of Funding to automatically calculate balance
  • Tag revenue using monthly tags, and a sub-property feature for easy sorting
  • Asset and liability calculator
  • Appreciation and depreciation based value computation for your assets for bookkeeping

✅Salary Tracker

✅Subscription Tracker

  • Subscription Templates and Salary Templates to help you estimate burn rate

✅Burn Rate and Runway Estimator

✅Cap Table Module

  • Automatically generate a cap table using funding round information
  • Uses the automated cap table calculation to generate a clean pie table chart using Mermaid!

✅VC Contacts and Firms Integration and Board-View Tracking

(👑Full StartOS/ Requires ConnectOS)

  • ⚙️Tag VCs to round
  • ⚙️Conversation tracking with CRM integration. Tag meeting notes to the meeting easily
  • ⚙️Integrated tracking of your VC contacts and firms and stage of contact using a board

✅Financial Projections

  • Pre-engineered AI prompts to help with financial projection!
  • Project as well as you can in Excel- just 20x faster!

✅Startup Valuations

  • Discounted Cashflow based valuation template

✅Cap Table Module

  • Automatic Cap Table calculation based on the execution of instruments such as SAFEs/ C-Notes, and Equity fundraising


✅Team OKR

  • Track progress with quarterly OKRs
  • Tag Key Results to Objectives and view percentage completion

✅Product Roadmap

  • Bird’s eye view of the projects with multi-quarter roadmap, driven by OKRs

✅Growth Metrics Database

✅Launch Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • Website Launch
  • Product Hunt Launch
  • Pres Release
  • Social Media Post


✅AI-Powered Customer Persona

  • Use AI to summarize interview notes into a persona!
  • Extract pains, gains and interview summary to better understand what need your product fills for your customers

✅Interview Notes

  • Tag meeting notes to contacts so you never lose them. Includes interview templates.

✅Sales Module

  • Track collaborator and customer contacts using Kanban-style boards (from backend CRM)
  • Direct view of Sales Orders from the Product Catalog Database
  • Sales Funnel to help you visualize weaknesses in your funnel

✅Marketing, Sponsorship and Ads

  • Plan marketing campaigns, sponsorships and ad spends
  • Calculate return on ad spend/ quality of marketing automatically, and double down on your best channels

✅Product Catalog

  • Keep track of inventory with inventory manager
  • Track your sales by product
  • Tag your promo material from the content database to your products

✅Outgoing Orderbook

  • Easily add order into your orderbook, tag customers from the built-in backend CRM.

✅Invoice Template


✅Pre-built 100+ Content Hooks

✅AI-assisted Idea generation and content creation

  • 4-stage pre-built prompt template that creates articles from idea generation, to structuring, to drafting to research
  • Inbuilt example to guide you through it!

✅Content Creation Database

  • Preloaded with 8 Types of Content Template
  • Kanban Style Tracking for Content Stage

✅Designed for Team Operation

  • Assign person-in-charge for each stage
  • Calendar view to see completion

✅AI-Assisted Content Repurposing

  • Pre-built prompt scheme that you can modify
  • Inbuilt example to guide you through it!

Who am I?

I am a Notion Certified Creator, and former researcher turned entrepreneur from Singapore.
I run a startup full-time and on the side, build templates to help other startups!

You can check out all of my templates here:

Ajinkya's Template Gallery

StartOS was born out of the need for a system for my own startup (seamless.sg) and continuously evolves based on the features we need. It was beta-tested with my Founder Circle here in Singapore, and I am super excited to bring it to you!
I would love your feedback so we can make it even better!

DM me on Twitter or LinkedIn with feedback or queries:

Website: https://ajinkyabhat.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/notion_ajinkya

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajinkya-bhat23/

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StartOS | Plug-and-Play Notion Startup System

34 ratings